A grande bouffe of early music at the spectacular Rundāle Palace


Created by Mauro Pinciaroli · Review

This was the Coin du Roi ensemble from Milan who gave what was probably the most interesting concert of the Festival. Opening with a delightfully translucent reading of Vivaldi’s better known concerto for Lute in D Major, soloist Mauro Pinciaroli played with sensitivity and subtle rubato. Maestro Christian Frattima led the small ensemble with delicate phrasing and well-judged piano-forte-piano dynamic modulations.

Bach’s D Major harpsichord concerto, which is essentially a re-write of his earlier E Major violin concerto, was another more familiar item on the programme. Again, the Coin du Roi ensemble excelled in their customary crisp rhythmic playing, especially the lower strings and bass continuo. Soloist Luka Oberti displayed a solid keyboard technique with unforced rubato.
The real curiosity item on the programme was the concerto by Joseph-Barnabé Saint-Sevin (better known as French violin pedagogue “L’Abbé le Fils”) for Baroque musette and orchestra. Apparently it is only the third time since 1750 this concerto has been performed.

Jonathan Sutherland


Source Bachtrack · Date Jul 11, 2016